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제목Graduate School Admission, Spring 2020

2019-09-22 20:25:18


Announcement of Graduate School

 Admission, Spring 2020



 Gyeongsang National University(GNU) is now open to recruit international

graduate students for Spring, 2020. We would like to encourage you to

pursue advanced study and research activities, and enjoy generous

scholarships to ease your study with GNU.

Should you have any questions,

 please call us at  +82 (0)55 772 0085

or send an email to

 Good luck and look forward to receiving your applications.





1. Application intake: November 1(Fri) ~ 22(Fri), 2019

2. Programs: master’s, Ph.D. and combined master’s and Ph.D.(type )

3. Result announcement: December 6(Fri), 2019

4. Application requirement and documents: See admission guide


* Note:

  (1)  a) degree certificate and b) transcript of the most recent school,

        and c) family record must have either apostille or Korean Embassy’s



  (2)  Applicants from 26 countries listed below are required to submit an official

       and valid TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) score of Level 4 (or higher),

       or a confirmation document of completing Intermediate Level 2 (or higher)

       at King Sejong (Korean Language) Institute.


       Note : Strictly no other language certificates are accepted for admission purposes.


       *26 countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongol, Sri Lanka,

                                Uzbekistan,  Ukraine, Iran, Egypt, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Peru,

                               Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan,  Kazakhstan, Philippines, Guinea, Mali, Ethiopia,

                                Uganda, Cameroon


5. Application fee: KRW70,000







   1. Admission guide

   2. List of programs

   3. Application forms

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