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제목*Admission timeline change*Graduate School Admission, Spring 2021

2020-09-22 10:51:15

Announcement of Admission for Spring, 2021


 1. Admission Timeline

(1) Application: 11. 2.(Mon) ~ 11. 20.(Fri)18:00, 2020 

 - Application and required documents must be submitted

   to the Graduate School Office via EMS by no later than the deadline.

*The 72nd and 73rd TOPIK test taker may submit

her/his test identification slip(proof of taking the test) to the Graduate School Office

at the time of application,

provided that she/he submits the certificate of test result 

the 72nd: by Nov. 30(Mon) 2020, 18:00

the 73rd: by Dec. 24(Thur) 2020, 18:00

Only applicable to those who submitted the 72nd and 73rd test identification slip

at the time of application

(2) Admission Committe Review

       : 12. 8.(Tue) ~ 12. 11.(Fri), 2020

 (3) Announcement of Admission Decision

       : 12. 29.(Tue), 2020

 (4) Registraion

       : 12. 31.(Thur), 2020 ~ 1. 5.(Tue), 2021

   Successful applicants should pay tuition during the designated period.

      If not, admission will be rescinded.

2. Language Qualification 

An applicant must satisfy the language requirement.  

1) Korean : TOPIK Level 3 or higher 

Note : This Korean language requirement is waived for an applicant

                who finishes her/his Master’s program at GNU and continues on the same major

               (as the Master’s) for a PhD degree,

                or applies for a department which offers English Track who holds D2 visa. .


2) English (Only applicable to the departments which offer English Track) 

- TOEFL(PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71), IELTS 5.5, CEFR B2, TEPS 600(New TEPS 327) or higher results or 

- An equivalent national-level English language certificate 

Note : This English language requirement is waived for an applicant

               from the country where English is used as the native or an official language

                (Ref. Department of Foreign Affairs in Korea:


▶▶ Please refer to the attached file.

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