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About GNU : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

A Message from the President

President Geongsang National University
Welcome to Gyeongsang National University (GNU)!

Warmest greetings from Gyeongsang National University(GNU)! Founded in 1948, GNU, a national flagship university representing South Gyeongsang Province, has been making utmost efforts to foster creative, civil and knowledgeable professionals equipped with an aptitude for learning and a pioneering spirit.

GNU has been positioning itself as an internationally recognized institution, consisting of 13 colleges and 10 graduate schools with 810 professors, 530 administrative staffs and some 25,000 students across three campuses – Gajwa and Chilam in Jinju and Tongyeong campus.

As our mission is to create promising future and realize happiness of the world, we set up the following university slogan, ‘SMART GNU’ - Servant, Mission, Academy, Relation and Together: we serve with full of responsibility, implement our six missions, realize quality education, create happy campus through communication and welfare, and become engaged in university development altogether.

In addition, GNU will strive to accomplish 6 missions, 25 strategies and 101 action plans; and these 6 missions include 1) strengthening our status as a national flagship university 2) cultivating creative professionals 3) building sustainable research supports 4) implementing democratic administration with flexible communication 5) creating welfare that brings happiness to university members and 6) securing stable budget.

Furthermore, GNU has been focusing on students’ employment and educational development in association with businesses and industrial complex in the west of South Gyeongsang Province and east of South Jeonnam Province including Jinju Inno City and Aerospace Industrial Complex in Jinju and Sacheon.

Finally, we hereby vow to make best endeavors to bring happy future to all of you and the world.

Thank you!

Lee Sang-gyeong
Gyeongsang National University