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About GNU : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

A Message from the President

President Geongsang National University
Welcome to Gyeongsang National University (GNU)!

My deepest greetings to all of you who love Gyeongsang National University(GNU).

Established in 1948, GNU has contributed to national development by fostering creative and pioneering talent equipped with manners, wisdom, and academic competence. Our school motto is ‘pioneering.’ This is a spirit of challenging against things that no one is doing, and of creating things that have never existed before in the world. GNU graduates practice the pioneering spirit on the world stage and serve to promote the happiness of mankind.

GNU is leaping to become a prestigious university leading the world in South Gyeongsang Province. As a national flagship university representing the Province, GNU is gearing up to become ‘The Best GNU’ by realizing Glocal university nurturing excellent professionals, Networked university leading regional innovation platform, and United university with principles and communication.

GNU creates a new chapter of history with a synergistic effect of creativity and dynamic exertion of all faculty members, administrators and students. By utilizing intellectual, physical and human resources to reform the local community, we build a model that brings about win-win development between GNU and the community. As an innovation platform of the local society, GNU will also serve as a focal point to pioneer and advance all areas of history, culture, economy and industry.

GNU is becoming a world-leading prestigious university in South Gyeongsang Province by concretely applying the values of communication and harmony, coexistence and cooperation, participation and institutional innovation, and reformation and challenge to campus management and academic affairs. It would be appreciated if you could pay attention to the history of higher education that GNU leads, and join our journey to the future.

GNU will be always with you.

President  Soon-Ki Kwon