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Auxiliary Facilities : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Central Library

The six-story Central Library building has 1,350,000 books and which are divided into six sub-sections: a Multimedia Room, a Social Sciences & Theses and Dissertation Room, a Humanities Room, a Natural Science & Personal Collections Room and the University Archives. The functions of each sub-section are as follows:


Multimedia Room (1F ☎ 82-55-772-0514)

  • Information Retrieval Section
    • Computers for surfing the internet, CD’s and library materials
  • Video Section
    • Cultural, fictional and educational video tapes and DVDs
  • Audio Section
    • Foreign languages and music listening with 4 Doctor Wicoms
  • Web Learning
    • Cyber study regarding test preparation including TOEIC, TOEFL and TEPS

Satellite Broadcasting Room (1F ☎ 82-55-772-0514)

  • Offers a wide range of satellite channels from Japan, China, Hong Kong, UK, Germany, Russia
  • Multi-purpose facility for graduate students seminars, lectures and presentations

Social Sciences & Theses and Dissertation Room (3F ☎ 82-55-772-0526)

  • Manages social science and reference books on Statistics, Economics, Sociology, Politics, Public Administration, Pedagogy, Military Science
  • Reference materials such as Statute Books, Official Gazettes and YearBooks
  • Offers full texts of theses(National Assembly Library)
  • Korean Magazines

Humanities Room (4F ☎ 82-55-772-0528)

  • Manages humanities books which include General Works, Philosophy, Religion, Arts, Language, Literature and History
  • Reference books including Encyclopedias, Current Terminology Dictionaries and Yearbooks

Natural Sciences & Personal Collections Room (5F ☎ 82-55-772-0529)

  • Manages general books and reference materials on Natural sciences and Technology including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Architecture, Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • Personal collections :Lee Myeong-gil, Lee Byeong-ju, Jung Young-ho, Kawabata, Go Young-geun and Heo Young-jung

University Archives (6F ☎ 82-55-772-0539)

  • Collect and preserve records with cultural and historical values related to university history
  • Manages documents including pictures, multimedia and recording materials on university documents by faculty, students and departments.