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About GNU : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

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GNU Vision

Gyeongsang National University, full of pioneering spirit

Vision - The university in Gyeongnam keeping pace with the world – ACTIVE GNU

Goals - 1.Elaborating and developing education 2.Research specialization and blending 3.Localizing and globalizing volunteer service

Core strategies to create an ACTIVE GNU
ACTIVE Education

Supporting 30 specialized education programs

  • Building up on-demand educational systems
  • Creating and implementing educational targets
  • Fostering positive educational environments
  • Increasing employment rates and attracting talented students
ACTIVE Research

Nurturing 30 different research and joint industrial-academic projects throughout the nation

  • Building up and strengthening research support
  • Specializing research and developing research fields in balance
  • Receiving more research grants
  • Extending support for blended research and joint industrial-academic projects
ACTIVE Service

Supporting 30 volunteer programs and services in local communities

  • Strengthening GNU’s reputation as a flagship university
  • Expanding service activities in local communities
  • Supporting and activating international exchanges
  • Developing promotional activities with local communities

* ACTIVE stands for Ambitious, Creative, Team-minded, Innovative, Voluntary and Energetic.