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About GNU : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

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Can you feel the breath of History? Running all around a sexagenary cycle, we are standing again at the starting line. Dreaming of a new takeoff, Gyeongsang NationalUniversity runs toward the light of the future
March 1, 2000. Divided Graduate School of Business and Public Administration into
Graduate School of Business and Graduate School of Public Administration
Established Graduate School of Information Science
Opened Information Education Center
March 1, 2003 Renamed College of Agriculture as College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Established Graduate School of Life and Environment Science
December 1, 2003 Dr. Moo-je Cho was appointed as the university’s seventh president
January 30, 2004 Established the Supporting Center for the collaboration between GNU and industries
May 29, 2004 Designated a supporting center for e-Learning in Gyeongnam, Pusan, and Ulsan by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development
June 29, 2004 Established a school corporation‘ Gyeongnam Animal Science and
Technology (GAST)’and Gyeongnam Animal Medical Center (GAMC)
November 24, 2004 Opened the Science-gifted Education Center
March 1, 2006 Established Graduate School of Medicine and College of Nursing
Integrated Graduate School of Information Science and Graduate School
of Life & Environment Science into Graduate School of Industry
December 12, 2007 Dr. Woo-song Ha was appointed as the university’s eighth president
October 15, 2008 Published the 60-year history of Gyeongsang National University
December 29, 2008 Acquired a priority as a negotiating organization in the matter of establishing a University Hospital in Changwon ‘( Changwon-Gyeongsang National University Hospital’)
March 1, 2009 Established Specialized Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering
GNU has a total of 7 Graduate Schools, 11 Colleges, 9 Divisions (28 Majors)
and 64 Departments with 3,254 students enrolled per year