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About GNU : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

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Can you feel the breath of History? Running all around a sexagenary cycle, we are standing again at the starting line. Dreaming of a new takeoff, Gyeongsang NationalUniversity runs toward the light of the future
March 1, 1991 Dr. Young-ho Bin was appointed as the university’s fourth president
March 1, 1993 Divided College of Social Sciences into College of Social Sciences and College of Business Administration
March 1, 1995 Dr. Young-bae Seo was appointed as the university’s fifth president
Merged with Tongyeong Junior College of Fisheries
March 1, 1996 Established Graduate School of Industry
(with 100 students enrolled per year)
June 10, 1996. Established Lifelong Education Center
March 1, 1997. Renamed College of Fisheries as College of Marine Sciences
November 20, 1998 Published the 50-year history of Gyeongsang National University
March 1, 1999 Dr. Choong-saeng Park was appointed as the university’s sixth president