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About GNU : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

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Can you feel the breath of History? Running all around a sexagenary cycle, we are standing again at the starting line. Dreaming of a new takeoff, Gyeongsang NationalUniversity runs toward the light of the future
March 1, 1980 Designated as a university
Established Graduate School of Education
Dr. Hyun-Cheon Shin was appointed as the university’s first president
March 1, 1982 Divided College of Sciences and Engineering into
College of Natural Sciences and College of Engineering
March 1, 1983 Established Graduate School of Medicine
April 21, 1983 Founded GNU College of Education affiliated schools (middle and high schools)
March 1, 1984 Dr. Hyun-cheon Shin was re-appointed for a second term as the university’s president
March 5, 1984 GNU College of Education affiliated middle and high schools opened
December 27, 1986 Completed the construction of Main library
February 21, 1987 Gyeongsang National University Hospital opened
March 1, 1987 Dr. Jeong-han Lee was appointed as the university’s third president
Divided College of Law and Business Administration into College of Law and College of Social Sciences
March 1, 1988 Established Graduate School of Business and Public Administration
December 5, 1988 Published the 40-year history of Gyeongsang National University
March 1, 1989 Divided College of Agriculture into College of Agriculture and College of Veterinary Medicine