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About GNU : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Gyeongsang National University Hostpital

GNU Hospital

As the largest and best-equipped medical institution in Gyeongnam, GNU Hospital provides quality medical services for local residents.

GNU Hospital continuously strives to improve the health of local residents with its competitive medical infrastructure.

As the only national university hospital in Gyeongnam, we are about to open another GNU Hospital in Changwon in 2015 in addition to the already existing hospital in Jinju. In addition, our Gyeongnam Regional Cancer Center, the first such center in the nation, treats many types of cancer with a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure.

Gyeongsang National University Hospital

Established in 1987, GNU Hospital now accommodates 1,000 beds and has become the center of Gyeongnam’s medical services. With the help of highly-qualified medical professionals and innovative medical equipment, GNU Hospital is committed to continued development through support for clinical research activities and medical services for local residents as it moves to become the most advanced medical institution in the nation.

Areas of Treatment

Gastro-Enterology / Cardiology / Pulmonology & Allergies / Endocrinology / Nephrology (Internal) Hemato-oncology / Rheumatology & Infection / Surgery / Pediatrics / Obstetrics & Gynecology / Psychiatry / Neurology / Ortho-Surgery / Neuro-Surgery / Chest Surgery / Plastic Surgery / Ophthalmology / Ear, Nose & Throat Medicine / Dermatology / Urology / Dentistry / Rehabilitative Medicine / Radiation / Oncology / Emergency Medicine / Family Medicine / Back Pain Care / Radiology / Diagnostic Medicine / Pathology