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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Mechanical Aerospace Engineering

Leading the era of Technology and the era of Innovation
GNU is nurturing qualified human resources who are leading future technology development and regional innovation in the fields of high tech mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering. 
Please, pay attentions to our training program for qualified human resources in high tech mechanical aerospace engineering as well as our engineering  education center for technology innovation of advanced machinery industries which play important roles in future society. Mechanical Aerospace Engineering

Fostering professionals to lead the next generation high tech industry

Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development, 2nd Phase of Brain Korea 21 (BK21)
A training project for qualified human resources in high-tech mechanical aerospace engineering

  • This project consists of four groups including‘Environment friendly energy technology’‘, Precision machine parts material technology’‘, System design technology’and‘ Aerospace excellent design/parts technology’.
  • GNU is fostering the Graduate School of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering. GNU fosters a high level of manpower which will lead technology innovation in machine and aerospace related industries in Gyeongnam province through the establishment of a stable research environment and various collaborative efforts with industries, and the proliferation of international cooperation and connection of regional R&D.
  • GNU is putting continuous efforts in to its role as an excellent regional university by transferring technology of research outcome to local companies, increasing technology power of regional industry, performing active human resource exchange between industry and academia as well as a materialistic exchange, and fostering customized practical human resources through industry and academy connection programs (internship, filed practice training, etc.)
  • 150% increased number of full time graduate students of GNU enhances the international cooperation program with prestigious oversea universities, GNU encourages English only classes, and foreign graduate students, and sponsors international academic conferences, which result in an enhanced network with overseas countries. GNU shows 100% employment rate of graduate students every year and the improvement of graduate students' quality.
Mechanical Aerospace Engineering

Nurturing leaders of future-oriented mechanical industries

New University for Regional Innovation Project (NURI) of the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development Engineering Education Center for Technology Innovation of Advanced Machinery Industries (Large-scale)

  • The GNU School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering takes full leadership in the cutting-edge mechanical project team. A total of 80 institutions including two other universities (namely Inje University and Koje College), six local governments (Gyeongnam province, Jinju city, Gimhae city, Geoje city, Sacheon city and Tongyeong city), and 70 industries (including Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. and Doowon Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd.) are all part of the team.
  • Nurturing future professionals who will lead mechanical industries including aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding and nano-engineering with 6 billion KRW annually from the central and local governments, universities and industries.
  • GNU contributes considerably to the enhancement of the competitiveness of these industries by expanding the engineering base, improving the public image of the science and engineering sector, building a network with universities and industries, achieving a high post-graduation employment rate of 75%, encouraging professor evaluations on efforts for industrialacademic collaborations, introducing field experience semesters, and expanding related departments.