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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Specialized Areas of Supporting Programs Collaboration with Industries

Closer to specialized programs
Investigating Nammyeong’s studies and life, examining Physics based on natural sciences, and researching the sea full of marine resources all these are not beyond our interest. Each institute of GNU never neglects social issues directly connected with our life. GNU investigates our society continuously with endless questions. Specialized Areas of Supporting Programs Collaboration with Industries

Nammyeong Studies and Regional Culture

  • Construction of the Nammyeong Memorial Hall (2001), which focuses on Nammyeong studies
  • Nammyeonghakdang: Distribution of Nammyeong studies (1991~ present)
  • Designated as a basic academic nurturing project by the Korea Research Foundation Funding support amounting to 750 million KRW for five years (2002~2006)
  • Mucheongak: Equipped with rare books, ancient writings, and copies of 37,500 ancient books
  • Digitization and a database of ancient writings related to Nammyeong studies

Global and Area Studies

  • Cooperative graduate curriculum to nurture regional experts
  • Designated as a central research center for the Southeast Asian region by the Korea Research Foundation: Funding support of 500 million KRW for 5 years (2001~2006)


  • Designated as a university IT research center and supported by the Ministry of Information and Communications
  • Formed 10 IT-related departments; Established IT graduate school
  • Selected for New University for Regional Innovation (NURI) project by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development
  • Launched a project of fostering Gyeongnam manufacturing IT innovation human resources (middle-scale 2.5 billion KRW per year)

Mathematical and Physical Science

  • The total research articles made by GNU professors in the past 5 years, over 50% were scientific research articles
  • Designated as the main center for support in the basic sciences by the Korea Research Foundation

Applied Marine Science

  • Designated by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation as an institute that would evaluate damage to marine ecosystems
  • Designated by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy as an RIS (Regional Innovation System) for promoting the development of the pearl industry in Tongyeong