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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

College of Social Sciences

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Developing capable manpower that is fully adapted to local and international settings
The College of Social Sciences is devoted to research and education with regards to a variety of social concerns, including politics, administration, society, psychology, and public welfare. Its mission is to produce experts who will play a leading role both locally and abroad. Coming to this realization, the college is cultivating the professional knowledge of students and developing their expertise in their discipline while increasing their knowledge basis in related academic disciplines.The college is presently made up of six departments with a total of 38 faculty  members. Especially, the department of Economics strives to nurture human resources in Chinese related businesses by sending students to universities in China every year. The Institute for Social Sciences (consisting of the Institute for Social Science and the Business & Economics Research Institute) and the Institute for Global and Area Studies (consisting of the Center for Area Studies and the Center for Unification, Peace and Human Rights, and the Center for Japanese Culture) currently operate as a representative research center for Gyeongsang National University and the local community.

Department of Economics KOR

The Dept. of Economics provides opportunities to explore the stream of economics with the study of both pure economics and non-mainstream economics studies. Recently, the Dept. of Economics is equipped with various economics programs dealing with 21C new social problems such as globalization, finance, information, ecosystem problems.

Department of Social Welfare KOR

The Dept. of Social Welfare makes students acknowledge the life quality problem of an individual and society and investigates social problems including children’s issues, women’s issues, handicapped children’s issues, and juvenile delinquency caused by modernization, industrialization, and urbanization.

Department of Sociology KOR

The Dept. of Sociology provides students with opportunities to understand the complexity of modern industrial society and to analyze the social problems of Korean society with various perspectives.

Department of Psychology KOR

The Dept. of Psychology contributes to the field of Artificial Intelligent Human factors, Survey of Public Opinion, Consumer Commercials, and Health, among others through experiments with human beings.

Department of Political Science KOR

Political Science is a discipline dealing with politics and foreign policies of both Korea and other countries as well as problems among countries.

Department of Public Administration KOR

The Dept. of Public Administration cultivates human resources equipped with administrating ability and expertise through the study of the overall process of administration, thus providing the workforce to maintain the nation.