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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

College of Business Administration

Fostering Active and Creative Business people!
The College of Business Administration aims to foster professional business leaders who are equipped with creativity, morality and a pioneer spirit by providing students with a high quality management education. For this, the College of Business Administration enhances the quality of specialized programs, and makes the balance between theory and practice to help students to improve problem-solving ability. In order to foster business leaders with high morality, the College of Business Administration provides various education programs. Especially from 2008, the College of Business Administration provides a mentoring system which makes the relationship among professors, students, and alumni much closer.
The College of Business Administration is composed of the Departments of Business Administration, Management Information System, International Trade, and Accounting. The college has 26 professors involved in both education and research, and all students have access to fully equipped facilities, language training labs, and study rooms. Opened at the end of 2005, the‘ LG Pioneer Hall’offers an optimal condition of study room for the students who are preparing for various national exams.

Department of Management Information Systems KOR

The Dept. of Management Information Systems is cultivating human resources who will play a core role in companies and organization. The Dept. of Management Information System educates students with knowledge and skills on information, which brings effectiveness and efficiency in management.

Department of Business Administration KOR

The Dept. of Business Administration focuses on educating students with practical knowledge of management to make students keep up with the world globalization trend. The Dept. of Business Administration also helps students to apply business information knowledge to encountered problems as well as to adapt themselves to new environments.

Department of International Trade KOR

The Dept. of International Trade aims to foster specialists in the fields of international trade and finance. Emphasis is on theory and practice in international trade, international finance, international business and electronic commerce. The Dept. has been successful in producing many specialists in those fields so far.

Department of Accounting KOR

The Dept. of Accounting attempts to develop a curriculum for students to achieve advanced information in finance exchange and relevant knowledge. The Dept. of Accounting has produced many certified public accountants and licensed tax accountants.