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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

College of Law

The hub of legal studies for the creation of social justice

The College of Law aims to nurture professional lawyers with international competitiveness by including a variety of case studies, mock trials as well as academically intensive course work. The college constructs the best education infrastructure with 19 specialized professors in law. The college has an exclusive library for law students, large scale classrooms with multimedia equipment, and "Dae-Kyeong Academy”equipped with studying rooms and computer labs all law students can use. The college has also various subsidy programs to support those taking the bar examination and preparing for a civil service examination. The college has ‘GNU Kim Seun-Geum Scholarship Foundation which was funded with five thousand million won of private assets and many other scholarship programs. Upon graduation, the students not only work as professional lawyers in legal circles but also in public offices, business enterprises, academia, financial institutions, and the mass media. The Law Research Institute, which is closely connected to the College of Law, focuses its research on ways to stabilize the legal culture of the region and aims for continuous regional improvement by doing research studies on laws and providing legal consultations.

Department of Law KOR

The root of the Dept. of Law is the College of Law and Economy established in 1980. In 1987, the Dept. of Law was separated from the College of Law and Economy and was promoted as the only College of Law at a national university in Gyeongnam Province. The Dept. of Law has master's and doctorate programs to play a leading role in the legal research of Gyeongnam Province and Korea.