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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

College of Education

The center of education for secondary school teachers
The goal of the College of Education is to educate and train excellent secondary school teachers who have a sense of duty and are proficient in various teaching methods by providing various and necessary education programs. With 98 professors involved in education and research studies, the College of Education endeavors to be a heartland of secondary school teacher education in our country, emphasizing improving professional skills and nurturing competent secondary school teachers for the 21st century.

Department of Education KOR

The Dept. of Education is a foundation department in the College of Education and aims to foster education experts who have a wide range of education knowledge through scientific research and training.

Department of Korean Language Education KOR

Language and characters are the basis of our life. We are proud of our language and characters. The Dept. of Korean Language Education is fostering Korean language education experts with professional knowledge about the Korean language and characters.

Department of History Education KOR

The Dept. of History Education establishes the educational curriculum from which secondary school history teachers can achieve a wide range of knowledge about national and international history as well as research ability as history professionals.

Department of English Education KOR

The Dept. of English Education intends to foster English education professionals who have a global standard English proficiency and deep knowledge on the cultures of English speaking countries, keeping up with the trend of active international exchange among countries

Department of Ethics Education KOR

The Dept. of Ethics Education aims to cultivate human resources with morality. The Dept. of Ethics is fostering future secondary school teachers who can lead ethics education in current school and society where confusion of one's sense of value is observed

Department of Social Science Education KOR

The Dept. of Social Science Education cultivates future secondary school teachers with a wide range of knowledge on Politics, Economy, Society, and Culture.

Department of Japanese Education KOR

The Dept. of Japanese Education researches the life and culture of the Japanese as well as how to develop Japanese proficiency. Every year, the Dept. of Japanese Education sends students to many Japanese universities through international student exchange programs. The Dept. of Japanese Education provides various programs which can help to increase Japanese teachers’quality and their understanding of Japanese culture and society.

Department of Geography Education KOR

The Dept. of Geography Education aims to enhance the quality of future secondary school teachers and is composed of a theory-centered curriculum which teaches students the structure and function of geography as human working space and the process of its change.

Department of Home Economics Education KOR

The Dept. of Home Economics Education aims to foster secondary home economics education teachers with knowledge and moral nature, responding to the need of current society. The Dept. of Home Economics Education helps students to expand the knowledge in each field of home economics such as food, clothing, shelter, children education, and home education, and provides an opportunity for students to think of traditional values again through various practices

Department of Physics Education KOR

The Dept. of Physics Education teaches the fundamental concepts of Physics and knowledge & research method in Physics to students. The Dept. of Physics Education aims to foster high qualitysecondary school teachers in Physics Education.

Department of Mathematics Education KOR

A Nation’s mathematics ability is the fundamental power for international competition. The Dept. of Mathematics Education provides a full support to foster high quality mathematics teachers with logical analysis power, creative thought and application ability, and clever judgement.

Department of Biology Education KOR

The Dept. of Biology Education teaches students to understand fundamental concepts of biology through theory education and practices. The Dept. of Biology Education also helps students to increase scientific thought, problem solving ability, application ability, and biology lesson ability with ICT.

Department of Computer Education KOR

The Dept. of Computer Education aims to foster competent computer education teachers in middle and high schools and provides opportunities for students to practice high tech educational materials and various teaching methodologies.

Department of Chemistry Education KOR

The Dept. of Chemistry Education balances its curriculum with two branches, (Education of Subject Contents and Subject Education) and is fostering high quality secondary school teachers by establishing education programs, which meet the needs of a globalized and information centered society.

Department of Art Education KOR

The Dept. of Art Education deals with professional art areas such as Korean paintings, Western paintings, carving and modeling, and Design. The Dept. of Art Education aims to foster competent art teachers who can help students increase right judgement on aesthetic sense & value as well as harmonious personality.

Department of Music Education KOR

Compared to other universities, GNU’s Dept. of Music Education emphasizes on national classical music and deals with subjects which are necessary to real educational settings. The Dept. of Music Education allows students to take piano and vocal music programs earlier depending on their ability. The Dept. of Music Education also allows students to take music theory and wind or string instruments according to their wish.

Department of Physical Education KOR

Since the interest in health and sports is increasing, the need of professional physical education teachers is increasing, too. With help from the Institute of Life & Physical Exercise, the Dept. of Physical Education establishes programs students can practice and research overall physical Exercises. The Research center teaches students professional knowledge and function of physical training.