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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

College of Veterinary Medicine

Powerful Challenge to educating world-class veterinarians!

The College of Veterinary Medicine was founded to train students on how to diagnose, cure, and prevent animal diseases. It offers specializations in veterinary-related fish disease, medical science, public health, hygiene, biotechnology, agricultural and livestock science, and environmental conservation to enhance human and animal wellbeing.
With 20 professors involved in education and research, the college is equipped with high tech facilities as well as an affiliated veterinary teaching hospital. The six-year academic program consists of two years of pre-veterinary courses followed by four years of regular veterinary courses.

Department of Veterinary Medicine KOR

Students in the Dept. of Veterinary Medicine take four years of regular veterinary courses to be competent veterinarians and life scientists after completing two years of pre-veterinary courses.
Through national examinations for veterinarians on graduating, with a veterinarian licence, students not only work as veterinarians to diagnose, prevent, and cure animal diseases but also work in various national institutes to do research on the management of common disease of humans and animals and on malignancy diseases inflow control. The Dept. of Veterinary Medicine aims to educate students to be the best professionals in the field of Veterinary Medicine.