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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Graduate School of Education

Progressed as large scale learning for human beings
Passion and effort are important the first steps in the road to learning. GNU can offer you a perfect solution for your thirst for knowledge and search for learning at a graduate level.

Graduate School of Education

Its mission is to develop more effective teaching methods and to further train professional educators who will lead the education system in Korea.
Dept. of Education (Educational Philosophy, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Lifelong Education, Education Methodology, Ethics Education, History Education, Social Studies Education, Geography Education, korean Language Education, English Language Education, German Language Education, French Language Education, Japanese Language Education, Korean Classics in Chinese Education, Philosophy Education, Mathematics Education, Physics Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education, Nutritional Education, Home Economics Education, Music Education, Fine Art Education, Physical Education, Agricultural Education, Machinery and Material Education, Electric, Electronics and Telecommunication Education, Commercial Education, Computer Education, Earth Science Education, Integrated Social Studies Education, Integrated Science Education, Special Education for the gifted)