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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Graduate School of Industry

Progressed as large scale learning for human beings
Passion and effort are important the first steps in the road to learning. GNU can offer you a perfect solution for your thirst for knowledge and search for learning at a graduate level.

Graduate School of Industry

It was established to nurture professionals who will serve as leaders in technological advances and industrial development. At present, master degree courses in 30 majors from eight departments are being offered in evening classes. A course for advanced industrial managers is also available as a non-degree course.
Dept. of Construction Engineering (Architecture Engineering, Civil Engineering, Urban Engineering), Dept. of Production Technology Engineering (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry Engineering, Industrial and System Engineering, Forest Products Engineering, Nano & Advanced Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering), Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology Devices Engineering, Control and Instrumentation Engineering), Dept. of Computer Science (Multimedia, Software, Information Science, Information & Communication), Dept. of Bio-Resources and Environment (Environmental Agriculture, Environmental Horticulture, Environmental Biology, Environmental Forest Resources, Dairy Science, Eco-friendly Animal Science), Dept. of Environmental Life Science (Environmental Chemistry, Regional Development Engineering, Food Science, Marine Environmental Engineering), Dept. of Resources and Environmental Economics (Resources and Environmental Economics)