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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Graduate School of Public Administration

Progressed as large scale learning for human beings
Passion and effort are important the first steps in the road to learning. GNU can offer you a perfect solution for your thirst for knowledge and search for learning at a graduate level.

Graduate School of Public Administration

Its main objective is to develop professionals who will effectively contribute to national and regional development. It also takes a leading role in providing re-education opportunities to administrative professionals who currently hold positions in government, A course for CEOs as non-degree course is also available.
Dept. of Public Administration (Administration and Policy), Dept. of Local Government (Local Government), Dept. of Security Administration (Security Administration), Dept. of Judicial Administration (Judicial Administration), Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations (Labor & Industrial Relations), Dept. of Industrial Psychology (Industrial Psychology, Industry Counselling)