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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Graduate School of Medicine

The heartland of a well-rounded medical education!
GNU School of Medicine was selected for the 2nd phase BK 21 research project by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development and is the only school of medicine in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam province that will be funded with 4 billion KWR from the Korean Government for 4 years.The rate of successful applicants to the National Examination for Medical Practitioners is 99% (Ranked No. 4 among 41 medical schools in Korea)

The School of Medicine sets four educational objectives, which are ‘to cultivate one’s autonomy in learning’‘to develop adaptability to a changeable environment’, ‘to nurture applicability to information and knowledge’and ‘to promote a positive interdependent personality’.
With 150 professors, the School of Medicine endlessly endeavors to achieve these educational objectives through thorough management of school affair and individual guidance for students’school work. For patient-centered education, School of Medicine has switched educational methods from providing individual subjects to integrated subjects and has enhanced students’clinical training and problem-solving ability. In addition, the dormitory for the students of Graduate Medical School will be completed soon. Furthermore, to provide a good educational environment and to increase students’competitiveness, the School of Medicine endeavors to establish students’reading rooms and a clinical training center. As the only tertiary hospital in the area of Gyeongnam province and the eastern part of Cheonnam province, Gyeongsang National University Hospital is equipped with superior medical facilities and has played an important role in producing competent doctors. Additionally, natural surroundings around Gyeongsang National University Hospital such as the Nam River, Mt. Jiri, and the Southern Sea, help students to have balanced intelligence and humanity.

Department of Medicine

  • Basic Medical Studies :
    Anatomy/ Physiology/ Biochemistry/ Pathology/ Pharmacology/ Microbiology/ Preventive Medicine/ Parasitology/ Medical Education
  • Clinical Medical Studies :
    Internal Medicine/ Surgery/ Obstetrics and Gynecology/ Pediatrics/ Psychiatry/ Neurology/Dermatology/ Orthopedic Surgery/ Thoracic Surgery/ Neurosurgery/ Plastic Surgery/ Urology/Otolaryngology/ Ophthalmology/Radiation Oncology/ Diagnostic Radiology/Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine/ Laboratory Medicine/ Rehabilitation Medicine/ Dentistry/Emergency Medicine