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Academics : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Institute of Global and Area Studies (IGAS)

With intelligence one step ahead We are preparing for next opportunities.

Institute of Global and Area Studies (IGAS)

three existing research centers—Japanese Culture Research Institute, Reunification Research Institute, and Foreign Regions Research Institute—in Gyeongsang National University.
Our Institute is comprised of three research centers. Firstly, Japanese Culture Research Institute focuses on Japanese politics, society, economics, and its language. Secondly, the Center for Reunification, Peace, and Human Rights conducts comprehensive research on the issues of reunification, peace, and human rights. Thirdly, Foreign Regions Research Institute concentrates on the topics of politics, economy, society, culture, and language in foreign regions.
Each research center carries on dynamic and active programs such as holding academic conference and colloquium, publishing series of research, and promoting international exchange.

Main Business

1. Organization and coordination of a variety of foreign regions research projects and academic conferences
2. The construction of base for promoting overseas expansion of college graduates
3. Research on the issues of reunification, peace, human rights, and organization of academic conferences
4. Education projects related to the issues of reunification, peace, and human rights
5. Study and research on Japanese society and its culture and Korean residents in Japan
6. A scholastic exchange and projects for the promotion of cooperation between Korea and Japan, and the hosting of academic conferences
7. Publication of series of research and academic journals
8. Information exchange and international exchange with domestic and foreign regions research institutes