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Admission : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Transfer students

Transfer for international students

Eligibility for Application

Nationality : Applicants and both their parents should have non-korean nationality.

  • Applications should be completed by the due date. If a student has dual citizenship with Korea, he or she is not eligible to apply.
  • If one parent is deceased, his/her nationality is not considered.

Educational Background

Classification Eligibility
Transfer student
(3rd grade/ Junior)
General - Students who have completed or are expected to complete 2 years or 4 semesters at a 4-year university in Korea or a foreign country
- Students who have graduated or are expected to graduate from a 2-year college
Bachelor (expected) Bachelor’s degree holders

Language Proficiency : one or more of the requirements should be satisfied.

Calssification Test of
in Korean
English Proficiency Test Korean Language Courses of the IKLC (Institution of Korean Language and Culture) at our university
General Majors Level 3 or higher 550 210 80 5.5 550 650 Acquire a score of 140 or higher out of 200
  • Those whose native language is English need not submit the above documents (from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa).
  • Applicants for the Department of Ethnic Dance should acquire one of the following: TOPIK level 1 or higher, TOEFL (PBT300/CBT110/iBT40), IELTS3.0, TEPS300, TOEIC360, or a score of 140 or higher out of 200 from the IKLC (Korean Language Courses of the Institution of Korean Language and Culture) at our university.

Required Documents

[△: For relevant students]
No. Items Transfer students Note
1 Application Form O  
2 Academic Performance Plan O  
3 High school Diploma or Certificate of
(Expected) Graduation
4 Official Academic Transcript from High School O  
5 Certificate of (Expected) Completion or Certificate of (Expected) Graduation from College O  
6 Academic Transcript from College O Credits should be converted into percentile grades
7 TOPIK Results (Level 3 or higher) O Submit one of the three certificates
Certificate of Korean Language Courses of the IKLC (Institution of Korean Language and Culture) at GNU
Certified English transcripts
8 Copy of the applicant‘s passport O  
9 Copy of the applicant's alien registration card Only for those currently living in Korea
10 Documents verifying foreign nationality of both of the applicant’s parents O Passport
11 Certificate of Family Relation O  
12 Certificate of Bank Balance O  
13 Employment certificate or business registration certificate of sponsor O  
14 Tuition fee promissory letter O  
15 Performance videos (Certified by the principal or authorized head) For applicants for the Department of Ethnic Dance

Application Schedule

Classification Schedule
Spring Fall
Application and Submission November every year May every year
Document Screening December every year June every year
Acceptance Notification December every year June every year
Opening Courses March every year September every year
  • The above schedule may change depending on the school situation.
    Please check notices on the Admissions website (

Submissions and Inquiries