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Admission : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

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VISA Issuance

In order to study in Korea, you must have student visa. Here's procedure to process your visa.

Student Visa(D-2) for Chinese Students

Step 1 : Sending documents to GNU

  • You need to send all the required documents to the Office of International & External Cooperation to get your visa number from the local immigration office.

Required Documents

  • Separate Certified Bank Statement(indicating the amount of more than US$12,000)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Original or Notarized Certificate of Graduation
  • Curriculum Vitae(in Korean)
  • 2 Color Photos (3cm*4cm)
  • Copy of Certificate of Residence(shen fen zheng)
  • Notarized Certificate of Family Relationship(qin shu quanxi gong zheng shu)
  • Copy of the 常住人·登記 of student, student's father and mother(hu kou ben)

Step 2 : Getting CRVI

  • After GNU apply for your visa number(CRVI), you can get it within a month. It will be informed you as soon as we receive CRVI from the Immigration Office.

Step 3 : Applying for your visa at a local Embassy or Consulate

  • When you get CRVI from us, you need to go to the local embassy or consulate and apply for your student visa. Please make sure what additional documents you have to bring before you apply for your visa.

Student Visa(D-2) for other international students

Application for Student(D-2) Visa

You can apply for your visa at the Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Required Documents

  • Certificate of Admission
  • Invitation Letter
  • Certificate of Scholarship
  • GNU Business Registration Certificate GNU → 1 ~ 4 Issued by GNU
  • Passport
  • Visa Fees
  • Photos → 5 ~ 8 Prepared documents by yourself

※ Each Embassy or Consulate will require additional documents, so please make sure what you have to bring before you apply for your visa.