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Administration : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Office of Academics Affairs

Academic Affairs Section

The Academic Affairs Section at Gyeongsang National University supports learning activities of students; such as double degree/minor, major change and readmission, graduation, scholarship, grade management, teacher and registration tasks, course registration, classes, grades, course work and performance management, absence, reinstate, expulsion, reissue certificate and fax civil complaint process, student statistics management and student service center.

Major Tasks


  • double major/ minor, major change and readmission, major assignment, transfer credit recognition and academic research request, assign student number (part-time student, exchange students from other universities), graduates, expelled, manage grades, issue teachers’ qualification


  • manage class registration, manage grade and attendance, undergraduate disciplinary, manage lecture assessments, create class schedule, manage common electives and graduation certification committee, recognize other university credits, recognize credits from high school-college link program, recognize credits from external tests (English literacy and information literacy), recognize credits for community service activities and professional instruction, seasonal semesters, salary of the instructors, manage elective courses

Student service center:

  • process semester take off/ return to school and drop off, issue certification (in Korean, English), process fax complaints, complaint counseling, manage student statistics, process for military students, and process school registrar