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Administration : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs is a department is responsible for general student activities and scholarships, which is mainly responsible for student welfare, community service activities, students with disables, sexual assaults, student government organization, societies, co-op restaurant and store management, and school bus, and is aim to provide convenient service for college students.

Major Tasks

  • Support and guide student activities
  • Award and discipline students
  • Manage student government facilities and societies
  • Manage facilities for students
  • New student orientation service
  • Yearbook production activities
  • International student ID card issue
  • Business Employer Liability Insurance
  • Overseas trip for students
  • Voluntary service by student in domestic or international
  • Issue graduation certification system (community service and global leadership)
  • LG Pioneer Center
  • Physical Education Department
  • Students with disabilities service
  • Student welfare
  • Administration instruction for co-cop and rental stores
  • Instruct sanitation for campus restaurant
  • Sexual harassment or sexual insult
  • Establishment of basic information for scholarship system and scholarship business
  • Manage, pay, and statistics of scholarship
  • Manage scholarship foundation
  • Information and support on various student loan
  • Obtain, manage, and pay external scholarship
  • Pay, collect and manage scholarship rental
  • Select, manage and pay scholarship to labor students
  • Select and recommend various students for scholarship
  • Additional scholarship information
  • Location: Office of Student Affairs at the 1st floor of main building
    Phone No.: 055-772-0170(student welfare)
    Fax: 055-772-0169