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Administration : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Office of Planning

The Office of Planning & Evaluation at Gyeongsang National University establishes long-term development plan for development of school and attract new and national business, university self-assessment, statistics, and space management. Major Tasks

Planning Services:

  • Establish comprehensive development plan for development undergraduate and college, reform innovative and structure for universities, promote university development and administrative effectiveness, attract new and national business, control and plan budget, operate and manage planning committee team, change name of the school, promote establishment of global campus

Space Administration:

operate space management (space charging system), manage Nammyeong institute office building and usage approval


  • disclose university information, internal and external assessment and analysis about university operation, self-comprehensive evaluation, higher education statistics

The University for Creative Korea Project

This team aims to handle possible problems caused by decreasing number of students in advance in order to realize creative economy in the nation and foster intellectual professionals, which will improve quality of national higher education and strengthen its academic and research competitiveness in diverse angles.
Location: Planning and Evaluation Department at Office of Planning, main building #1, 4th floor
Phone No.: 055-772-0182, 0183 (Office of Planning)
Fax: 055-772-0189