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Administration : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Office of Academy and Industry Collaboration

The Office of Academy and Industry Collaboration at Gyeongsang National University consists of Department of Research Support, which manages and supports academic research activities for faculty members and researchers, and Department of Academy and Industry Collaboration, which is responsible for research agreement, domestic and international collaboration, technology transfer and patent management.

Major Tasks

Department of Research Support:

  • Basic plan establishment for research promotion policies, human resource general management, funds management, legislation and regulation, certification system, research and planning, general administration, employment-related insurances (national pension, employment insurance, health insurance, and occupational health and safety insurance), end-year tax adjustment, accounting and budget, item management, education, service management, research note, research ethics, auditing, OAIC data processing, committees management, support and management of research institutes, management of overhead expenses, research achievement and statistics, academic activities costs, research scholarship foundation, school research grant, school support committee account, subsidies, sabbatical, and research development incentives

Department of Academy and Industry Collaboration:

  • National projects, project units management, research agreement (central and local governments, service), academy and industry planning, research settlement, domestic and international collaboration, school business and technology service holding company, information about small and medium businesses, technology transfer and commercialization promotion, patent management, entrepreneurship consulting, research agreement review, CK(University for Creative Korea) project, management of business licenses, accounting of project units[(Brain Korea 21 Plus project (BK21+) and Leader in INdustrial-academic Cooperation project(LINC)], tax report, goods purchase, corresponding funds, and research-related accounting
Location: Office of Academy and Industry Collaboration, 5th floor at BNIT R&D Center
TEL : 055-772-0211(Department of Research Support) / 055-772-0213(Department of Academy and Industry Collaboration) / 055-772-0214(Technology transfer Team)
Fax: 055-772-0210