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Administration : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Department of General Affairs

Department of General Affairs

Department of General Affairs is committing its best to support effective mission support for faculties and administrative for welfare services

Major Tasks

Administrative Service:

  • security management, officer management, document management, duty management, emergency planning and civil defense, vehicle management, rules management, auditing, mails within the school, unprecedented awareness and event planning, other things that does not being to other departments

Human Resource Service:

  • human resource management, service management, job training, job awarding and discipline, various staff committee members, issue staff certification, employee promotion appointment committee and work performance evaluation committee, public pension, 4 insurances (National pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance), Mutual Aid Association instructor

Environmental Service:

  • manage task, building and official residence around school

Reserve Service:

  • Office Reserve (from organization, manage resource, establish training plan and implementation)
Location: Department of General Affairs at Bureau of General Affairs, 2nd floor of main building
Phone No.: 055-772-0332~5(Administrative Service)/0352~5(Human Resource Service)/0356~7(Environmental Service)
Fax: 055-772-0357

Department of Accounting

Department of Accounting is a department which efficiently manages salary, creates budget for school and manages school asset.

Major Tasks

Salary Service:

  • salaries for faculties, payroll taxes and other taxes, tax return and income tax

General account and pre-existing accounting budget service:

  • General account and pre-existing accounting budget service(about expenses and about revenues)

Registration service:

  • student tuition and returns

State-owned assets and supplies management service:

  • ation owned property management and disposal, management of items and expend laboratory equipment
Location: Department of Accounting at Bureau of General Affairs, 4th floor of main building
Phone No.: 055-772-0380~5(Accounting)/5067~8(Management)
Fax: 055-772-0389

Department of Facilities Management

Department of Facilities Management is a department to establish, manage and maintain campus facilities, which creates environment to smoothly perform the role of educational research center to fulfill the main purpose of the university,; this is also with local residents to create place for cultural space, which can be freely used by the local residents.

Major Tasks

Construction Service:

  • design, audit and direct facilities project construction, check safety and manage building, computerize the status of facilities and statical operation establish, operate and settle budget operation planning,establish and operate long-term development for the facility, private capital inducement project

Civil Service:

  • design, audit, and inspect civil part of the facilities, anything related to traffic impact assessment and capital inducement project

Mechanical Service:

  • design, audit, and inspect machine sector of facilities project, manage and inspect mechanical facility, manage energy management (mechanical area) and fire fighting equipment (mechanical area), manage gas and hazardous materials, manage elevator, pressure pumping and water foundation

Electric service:

  • design, audit, and inspect electrical part of facilities project, manage and inspect electrical facility, manage and inspect communication facility, manage and inspect fire facility (electrical area) and energy management (electrical area)

Right away service:

  • if you report complaints or comment about our university facilities, we'll process it right away; building and machinery facilities, electrical equipment and communication equipment, maintenance, inspection and etc
Location: Department of Facilities Management at 4th floor of main building
Phone No.: 055-772-0401~2.7(planning)/0403.6.8.(construction) /0411~2(civil)/0421~3(Mechanical)/0425~7(Electric)/1119(Right away Service)
Fax: 055-772-0409