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Auxiliary Facilities : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Academic Information Library

The three-story Academic Information Library building has 92,400 books and is divided into three sub-sections: the Domestic & Asian Journals Room, the European & American Journals Room and Archives. The functions of each sub-sections are as follows:


Domestic & Asian Journals Room (3F ☎ 82-55-772-0532)

  • Houses journals published in Asian countries and domestic research papers
  • Reading and Copying is allowed
  • Materials of National Assembly Library can be read and printed out

European & American Journals Room (3F ☎ 82-55-772-0534)

  • Houses journals and professional periodicals published in western countries
  • Reading and Copying is allowed
  • Offers electronic journals and foreign web databases
  • ILL/DDS (☎ 82-55-772-0533)
  • Foreign Research Information Center(☎ 82-55-772-0535)

Archives (Basement)

  • Contains domestic journals(before 1990), Asian journals(before 1993) and European & American journals(before 1994) on mobile racks
  • Reading and Copying is allowed on the 3rd floor