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Auxiliary Facilities : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Newspaper and Broadcasting Center (NBC)

Newspaper and Broadcasting Center (NBC)

The NBC is a university media established with democratic ideals and a pioneering spirit. It aims to contribute to the university development through the cultivation of upright media culture and students’upright thought on media.

The NBC hosts the offices of the university’s weekly Korean language newspaper, the English language magazine entitled Pioneer, and the Gyeongsang Broadcasting Station. All three media offer lively discussions about important and timely issues, and keeping the university community informed about what’s going on. On September 20, 1980, the formerly separated GNU newspaper, English magazine, and broadcasting were integrated.

The NBC quickly delivers various kinds of school news, increases the academic knowledge of students, and PR in the school through the‘GNU Newspaper’, ‘Pioneer (English magazine)’and broadcasting production for school news. Moreover, it also has many programs to support career development of student reports.