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Auxiliary Facilities : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Lifelong Education Center

The core purpose of the Lifelong Education Center of Gyeongsang National University is to contribute to the development of local community and the nation through all types of lifelong education programs, such as academic complementary education, adult basic and literacy training, job skill training, liberal art education, cultural art education, and civil participation, but excludes regular school academic courses. The Lifelong Education Center of Gyeongsang National University operates regular courses (life education courses, qualification courses, sports and health elective courses, language education courses, and art elective courses), special courses, external charging education, continuing education seminars, and credit bank system.

Major Tasks

Operation service:

  • Course establishment
  • Course operation
  • Appointment of lecturer
  • Program management & Learner counselling service

Research service:

  • Developmental plan of lifelong education center
  • Research of lifelong education center
  • Development, Production, and Distribution of teaching materials
  • Cooperation with local residents

Administration service:

  • General affairs
  • Accounting
  • Facilities management
  • Other things that other departments do not handle

Other service:

  • Other tasks related to lifelong education
Location: 303 Education and Culture Center #303
Phone No: 055-772-0772~0776
Fax: 055-772-0779