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Auxiliary Facilities : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

The School of Language Education(SLE)

The School of Language Education at Gyeongsang National University hosts various programs such as College English II, English Only Zone, various foreign language courses and language tests. It also runs specialty programs such as the Gyeongsang English Camp, English training courses, academic conferences and cultural events. This is all done in order to turn out competent students who will be able to meet the needs of a global era.

Major Tasks

English courses as University's general studies

English Only Zone (EZ) Program:

  • English Only Zone (EZ) Program, which has been running since 2005, aims to improve students' English ability through intensive immersion. It is a specialized 6-credit English course, in which students take three fifty-minute classes every day after school in the E-Z Building. Each class is composed of 15 students and the students who participate in the program speak only in English during the course. The program is counted as an elective course.

College English II:

  • College English II is a required course (3 credits), delivered by foreign instructors. The course is intended for students to make rapid progress in their communicative English ability.

Foreign Language courses:

  • SLE has conducted diverse language programs for students and local residents six times a year for more than 20 years. The programs include English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Russian and Korean courses.

GNU English Camp:

  • GNU English Camp is a 3-week intensive English immersion for elementary and middle school students The intensive English camp is offered twice a year and each class consists of 12 students. The participants learn English and experience foreign cultures in the English-speaking environment of English Only Zone in the Gyeongsang National University campus without going abroad. Through the student-centered education at the immersion camp, students become actively engaged learners with intrinsic motivation, have an opportunity to enhance their English ability greatly, get confidence in English, and as a result, they grow up to be lifelong learners and global leaders with a critical vision.


  • The test is held on the third Monday of every month.


  • Since 2007 when SLE was assigned as the iBT TOEFL test center, SLE has accommodated the needs of students who are preparing for studying abroad.

JPT Registration:

  • SLE provides JPT registration service to help those who cannot have access to the internet.

Commissioned Education Service:

  • To encourage people to have a global mind and to produce as many English-competent people through English education as possible, we provide English training courses for English teachers and civic servants, English language courses for university personnel, and varied English camps consigned to by many organizations.
Location: 7-dong(Main Building of The School of Language Education), 59-dong(E-Z building of SLE)
Phone No.: 055-772-0722~4(Main Building of SLE)/ 0740(E-Z building of SLE)
Fax: 055-772-0729 (Main Building of SLE)/0750 (E-Z building of SLE)