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Auxiliary Facilities : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

GNU Center of IT Services

The Information Technology Services at Gyeongsang National University was opened as Computer Education Center in February 25, 1980 and until the mid-80’s, it went through harsh environment and provided university’s computerized and research-purpose computers in mid-90’s, and then internet services to all employees through campus network in late 90’s and through establishing Comprehensive University Information System, it established university information. It was assigned as e-Learning Support Center in Gyeongnam area in 2004 and prepared framework of development university information; and through Information Strategy Planning (ISP) and Business Plan Redesign (BPR), we have established information strategy, which equipped specialized strategy and consistency for our university, within environment of rapid changing information technology in 2007 and based on these, it established ERP system by administration and research works. The Information Technology Services at Gyeongsang National University established new goal for this year “next-generation information system” and contribute to develop as information and global IT leaders by developing specific strategy and vision.

Location: 1st and 2nd floor of Academic Information Center
Phone No.: Administrative systems team(0627, 0628, 0629, 0630, 0634), Systems Development Team, E-learning systems team(0635, 0636, 0666), Computer Operational Team(0618, 0619, 0620, 0621), computer information service team (0666), IT training team(0644), Administrative Support Team(0615, 0616)
Fax: 055-772-0617