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Auxiliary Facilities : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Science Education Center for the Gifted

Science Education Center for the Gifted was approved in October 5, 2004, as the 20th University Science education center which receives budget from the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity (KOFAC), and was opened in March 19, 2005. More than 50 professors in GNU and 30 teachers from nearby elementary and secondary school, including Science High School, teach by using advanced research activity, experience from advanced knowledge and excellent educational and research facilities.
The Center offers an innovative and unique approach to education, providing superb opportunities for young students to explore diverse subjects in a challenging, creative environment free from the pressures of tests and grades for one year. The curriculum at the center starts with intensive courses for the elementary and secondary school and the research and education (R & E) course for the secondary school students.

Major Tasks

Expand science-gifted students and excavate at early stage

Excavate gifted students from elementary and middle school who are talented and interested about math and science and train them to learn how to investigate and feel joy from science.
  • Provide gifted level education to general students by providing various experiment activity and camps
  • Develop selection process by focusing on measuring the potential of the gifted child

Cultivate science-gifted knowledge

More intensive than the regular school curriculum to teach them the basic concept of science and emphasize research and experiment exercise to solve problems and to find problems
  • Educational program targeting the development of potential of the child
  • Educational program to cultivate personality and cooperation

Science-gifted education research

Develop and provide fair and trustworthy selection tools and high quality gifted children educational program which is based on the literature survey and researching the international science gifted child education
  • Research based on the domestic science-gifted related policies and foundation
  • Develop and provide selection tool which correspondent to the basic science-gifted child selection policy
  • Develop and provide science-gifted program according to the characteristics of science-gifted child

Create Science-gifted education based area

Added redeveloped gifted education program and teaching and learning model to gifted education center affiliated with local education authority within Gyeongsangnam-do and train teachers to expand
  • support gifted education program for local education authority affiliated gifted education center
  • expand the teachers’ training to improve the quality of gifted education and general education within the town