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University Company : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Gyeongnam Animal Science and Technology

Gyeongnam Animal Science and Technology (GAST) is the domestic leading school business in livestock industry, which aims to grow as a food safety leading company, by introducing the most advanced ubiquitous system to the food industry through organic cooperation system between the pork, beef and dairy-related industry, schools and the institutes, and reinvesting the income of the business operation for improvement of employment, scholarship and education condition.

The ‘Gyeongsang National University Beef’, which is trustable since all processes of production, packaging and distribution are provided to the users; and ‘Kol-Wbasar’, the handmade meat product, which seek advanced and diverse taste through unique technology; provide the best quality and service to the customer based on the passion and confidence of faculties from the Division of Animal and Resource at Gyeongsang National University.

In addition, GAST the school business, will grow as the leading school business in the meat distribution by advanced business strategy; share the information with the customer through new meat distribution system and establish the information