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Campus Life : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Newspaper & Broadcasting Center (NBC)

Main Business

  • Newspaper & Broadcasting Center (NBC) is a part of Gyeongsang National University (GNU) and the representative press in our university. It consists of “Newspaper”, “English magazine publisher” and “Broadcasting station.” Newspaper publishes “GNU Newspaper”, English magazine publisher publishes “The Pioneer” and Broadcasting station products the images for “GNU News” and broadcasts it.
  • Student reporters who are selected by GNU NBC’s recruitment take responsibility for each media’s activities and they try to give unbiased reportage and create an innovative press culture of university.
  • NBC is conducting a variety of occupational training and supporting job to students can experience campus life rewardingly. NBC is also running the integrated Internet website and mobile website (

Main Activities and Functions

  • Editing and publication of “GNU Newspaper”
  • Editing and publication of “The Pioneer”
  • Programming and broadcasting of “GNU NEWS”, "Special clip"
  • Occupational training and job support

Contact Information

  • Office of Chief Manager(3-506) / 82-55-772-0790
  • Office of Administration(3-508) / 82-55-772-0791
  • Office of Editing(3-507) / 82-55-772-0792
  • Office of Video Editing(3-601) / 82-55-772-0793
  • Newspaper(office of student reporters) 3-501 / 82-55-772-0794
  • English magazine publisher(office of student reporters) 3-503 / 82-55-772-0795
  • Broadcasting station(office of student reporters) 3-602 / 82-55-772-0796
  • Broadcasting station of GNU Tongyeong campus(office of student reporters) / 82-55-772-9236