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Campus Life : Toward the World Central University of East Asia Gyeongsang National University

Student Union Building

The Student Union Building is home to a number of student services, stores, and organizations, including the university bookstore, a beauty shop, a barbershop, an eyewear shop, a photo studio, a travel agency, a computer service-and-sales shop, and other stores. The building also houses two student cafeterias, the faculty cafeteria, the student newspaper and broadcasting facilities, and offices for various students organizations, including the student council and student clubs.

Telephone Directory

student cafeteria 82-55-751-5271
bookstore 82-55-751-5228
sports shop 82-55-758-8656
eyewear shop 82-55-759-9581
stationery shop 82-55-751-5224
cosmetics corner 82-55-753-8271
mobilephone shop 82-55-762-8811
photo studio 82-55-758-1525
barber shop 82-55-751-5229
cafeteria(in computer center) 82-55-759-8957
bank(nonghyup) 82-55-751-5231
faculty cafeteria 82-55-751-5278
computer shop 82-55-758-8552
travel agency 82-55-751-5226
music shop 82-55-759-4335
lingerie corner 82-55-762-2021
photocopy shop 82-55-756-0712
shoes store 82-55-762-4116
beauty shop 82-55-756-0775
cafeteria(in central library) 82-55-757-5774
laundry shop 82-55-755-5760
post office 82-55-751-5232